Muskegon Rotary Club

  • Hackley Park 350 W Western Ave Muskegon, MI, 49440

The Waxies

In 19th-century Dublin, a union of cobblers (known as "waxies" for their waterproofing wax) grew famous for throwing wild parties to spite the rich townsfolk and their extravagant caravans. Then, in 21st-century Grand Rapids, a new incarnation of The Waxies came together to incite some revelry of their own. A folk lineup combined with rock energy make for a knock-down, drag-out, hell-of-a-good-time show. Since The Waxies' birth in 2007, their continued success is ensured by their contagious enthusiasm, loyal West Michigan fanbase, and niche in the region's thriving roots music scene.