Agents of Change

Wow, what a great year Parties in the Park has had! In addition to nine wonderful local charities raising an average of $5,000 a party, another huge accomplishment of 2015 was the addition of a permanent stage to Hackley Park. The Parties in the Park Board of Directors may have spearheaded this project, but it was you, our community, that made it a reality! We had several large donors whose generosity and love for Muskegon was astounding along with an out pouring of individual giving anywhere from $10 and up.  These donations were from community members who recognize the amount of fun had at Parties in the Park and who wanted to ensure future generations are able to enjoy these events. Thank you! 

The addition of the stage to Hackley Park did not go unnoticed. The Parties in the Park Board of Directors were honored to receive recognition as a 2015 Agent of Change from the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce for the new stage. At the recognition event, we were also presented a special tribute from the State of Michigan signed by our state representatives, senator and the governor. We were honored to accept this award on behalf of all of you that supported this special project. In its first year, the stage has already hosted a wedding and several other ceremonies for many different groups from across Muskegon County.

While the stage was gifted to the City of Muskegon, we as the Parties in the Park Board feel responsible for its up keep and are working to raise money for a provision fund.  This fund will be used to make sure the stage stays as beautiful as it looked this year for years to come, as well as help with any maintenance updates that may arise.     

If you have enjoyed Parties in the Park for the past 30 years and would like to keep the fun going, please consider giving to the stage provision fund.  It is as easy as heading over to the link below and with a few clicks you can ensure those generations to come will gather on Friday nights in Hackly park for community, music and a ton of fun!

Support the Hackley Park Gift to the City Fund.

James Curtis- Parties in the Park Board Member